Why Sokakağzı ?

For your stay , will help you to choose us , you will witness three main reasons and many more to live .

100% natural nutritional facilities

Our service is given as an open buffet in the morning and evening. Olive oil and vegetables every day, mainly consists of various cold appetizers. All freshly prepared daily and also almost all of our food we offer are produced in our own organic farm.

Intimately unique beauty of nature

Eggs expressed breast milk from our own animals before breakfast every morning from our own set and again cheese butter we made our own we do with the fruit we gather from our own garden jam and we collect our own garden tomatoes make excellent breakfast, cucumber and pepper . You can taste the oxygen plant to enjoy life.

A clear sea

A beautiful sea and beach in a quiet environment where you can enter doyamayacağınız look with confidence with your family is waiting for you . Let 's now the city's noise, we're welcome to be our guest.



  • A perfect place for those who want to spend a quiet holiday calm . Particularly ideal for families with children . The dishes are beautiful, the rooms are immaculate , but we admire the most the sea, swim with the fish was so much fun . ; )

    Çiğdem selin ırmak

    1 Sep. 2014, Monday 15:13 http://www.neredekal.com/sokakagzi-motel/

  • It was the best holiday of my life . Everything is organic and fresh . A plant established on hygiene . The dishes are the most delicious meals I've had in my life.

    Nurten aytaş

    13 July 2014, Sunday 17:22 http://www.neredekal.com/sokakagzi-motel/

  • We've stayed here several times , we left very satisfied. Most organic food , morning milk yogurt from cows which they are raised , the dinner was very nice . I got the sense that destroyed most of the property Sokakağzı bay , hopefully it will not happen . The rooms were very clean , I did not enter it just slipped off my seeing the room.

    Meral Çakır

    22 July 2012, Sunday 11:44 http://www.neredekal.com/sokakagzi-motel/