DATE PRIOR PERIOD in Canakkale Canakkale on a bridge between Asia and Europe , the period in which humanity now settled life , until the beginning of historic times, has hosted important culture. It has remained under the rule of different societies for thousands of years , architecture and shows traces of different multi-colored heritage created in everyday life.

highway The total road length of 1065 km of the province . is , it 's 513 km of state roads , 552 km of provincial road. 98% of provincial road asphalt, 97% of all state roads are paved . There is no way villages in the province. 3470 km . The 2,268 km of rural road network (65%) of asphalt , 1,057 km of it (31%) stabilized, 145 km of (5%) is leveling off . 1 degree across the province a total of 2,288 km of rural roads , 85% of which are paved.
Maritime transportation in Çanakkale Eceabat , Lapseki- Gelibolu, Çanakkale- Kabatepe - Gökçeada Bozcaada - Yükyeri , Çanakkale- Gökçeada Çanakkale - Bozcaada, Kepez - Eceabat is carried out by GESTAS mutual ferry service between Çanakkale- Kilitbahir . It is also made ​​from Bozcaada and Gökçeada Çanakkale ferry quickly .
Canakkale Merkez , Eceabat, Gallipoli, Lapseki, Ezine - Geyikli Yükyeri , Bozcada , Gokceada, is located in Kabatepe Pavilions and piers . Also Çanakkale Kepez Port and Akçansa Ezine Cement Factory is located in Biga Icdas owned ports .
The airport is available in the city center of 1.800 × 30 size. Çanakkale Airport Runway Extension and Expansion work has begun for . There are also two airports, military and humanitarian purposes Gökçeada .

Assos, west of the ancient Anatolia , on the south coast of Troas , built on a basalt hill 238 meters high , 87 km south of Canakkale Ayvacık filled with ancient ruins and historic district is a tourist town . Which reaches 20 meters in height in places located in the province of 12 different door is surrounded by approximately 3200 meters of walls Assos, Lesvos ( Mytilene) was founded by Aeolians from Meyhymn town on the island . Assos importance, especially Adramytteion from Alexandria Troas is dominated by road from there to Pergamum . BC 6: century was built the Temple of Athena . One goes towards the sea , the agoras , a gymnasium and theater building. Assos Soktates lived and where he founded the first school of philosophy in history.

Canakkale Province in the northwest of the Anatolian peninsula, 39 degrees 27 '- 40 ° 45' north latitude and 25 degrees 40 '- 27 degrees 30' is located between the east longitude. 9933 sq km area covering a large part of the territory of South Marmara Marmara Region section, a small section of the Gulf of Edremit mainly involve well within the bounds of the Aegean. The city, founded on the shores of the said strait that separates Asia and Europe, and its name from each other, in the northwest of Turkey, the Gallipoli peninsula in Thrace, located on the territory of the Biga Peninsula in Anatolia. With a length of 60.2 kilometers coast, Anatolia's most western point of Turkey's most westerly point of Cape Baba thin nose in Gokceada, within limits. Anatolia, the Dardanelles, covered the peninsula known as the Big Troas in ancient times. Mount Ida is the highest mountain with 1767 meters. 11 districts outside the central district of Canakkale Ayvacik, Bayramiç, Biga, Bozcaada, Bell, Eceabat, Ezine, Gallipoli, Gökçeada, Lapseki and Yenice. Central District after the largest town of Biga, is not no village is the smallest county in Bozcaada.

Canakkale province in 565 villages , 21 towns and 34 are municipal organization . The province created by 54 % of forest land in the coastal districts and islands climate is almost the same , but paralleled the more Mediterranean climate , windy days are experienced large part of the year


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